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The Wall Street Journal - November 2016

"His straight talking cuts through much of the jargon synonymous with the horology geek, so whether looking for an understandable, yet informed, overview of watch movements...or if you are desperately seeking insight into whether life can be lived without a Telemeter.., Mr. Schmidt’s “brand agnostic” tome could be the place to find your answer."


The Jewellery Editor - November 2016

"This is the bible for serious watch lovers and collectors who want to get their head around some of the more complex mechanical concepts without being totally overwhelmed."


Quill & Pad - October 2016

"Fans of the art of watchmaking are in luck: not only can they read a beautifully written and comprehensive overview of what goes into the making of a watch and what is available, but they’ll be able to read it in the words of a new watch addict, and one that has taken the word research to a new level."


The Manual - October 2016

"This is not an average book about watches. 'Comprehensive' is an understatement. In fact, The Wristwatch Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Mechanical Watches, by Ryan Schmidt, makes the case that it is the definitive guide to analog timepieces."