Ryan Schmidt provides consultancy services to both seasoned collectors and those wishing to enter the field. Services range from purchase decision-making, to target-and-aquire, and auction/deal representation. 

See below for a list of services and for each category select "Inquire" to submit a request for prices and availability. As availability is extremely limited, we regret that not all requests can be accepted, nevertheless we will endeavor to respond to you within 5 days.


Full Service Consultancy

Provides you with the full spectrum of consultancy. Includes buy/sell decision-making, portfolio management, identifying models and alternatives, valuation, investment assessment, target-to-aquire, asset-tracking, and buy/sell representation at auction, private sale, or retail.

Variable, commission, and fixed component price structure ensures that your service is tailored to your needs and charged accordingly.

Basic Consultancy

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Deal Representation

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